BW Student Organizations


Connect here to find registered BW student organizations with community engagement opportunities and events. 

Guidelines for BW student organizations:
  • Only officially registered BW student organizations may host a GivePulse profile page (must be registered with BW Student Activities Office - contact Jaime Yager
  • Naming: if you are a chapter of a national organization, you should reflect Baldwin Wallace in the naming of your group. For example, the BW Habitat for Humanity chapter (not Habitat for Humanity)
  • Posting events: Givepulse is a great tool for sharing and promoting events. Only community engagement related events and programs may be posted on the BW GivePulse page (service opportunities, philanthropy events, community engagement related campus events...). 
  • Any post that is in violation of the above guidelines or any BW Student Handbook policies, including the BW Freedom of Expression policy will be removed. 
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